Christmas Club

To help you pre-plan for your holiday shopping, open your Christmas Club account today. It’s never too late too start a Christmas club. The account automatically transfers to your regular share account on October 31st each year. Please visit our rates page to view the current Christmas Club rate.

IRA’s and IRA CD’s

IRA’s (Individual Retirement Accounts) & IRA CD’s will help you save for your retirement. By setting up an IRA account you may possibly be eligible for important tax advantages now and have a supplemental income for when you retire. Please visitour rates page to view the current IRA and IRA CD rates.

Share Accounts (Savings)

When you open a regular share account you become eligible for all the benefits we have to offer. With a $10.00 minimum deposit you have access to competitive interest rates for CD’s, IRA’s and loans, and many other services. Please visit our rates pageto view the current Share rates.

Share Certificates (CD’s)

Investments for long or short terms are available at competitive rates. You can choose from a wide variety of terms and rates with as little as $500.00 for three (3) months. Please visit our rates page to view the current Share Certificate rates.

Share Draft Accounts (Checking)

Northwest Consumers Federal Credit Union offers free checking to all its members.

Youth Accounts

When you open a share account for a child age 0-9 they receive a piggy bank/ punch card and treasures from the treasure box and NWC will match up to $10.00 a year and when you open a young adult share account they will receive a gift, debit card and NWC will match up to $10.00 a year.  All share accounts require a minimum $10.00 deposit to purchase your share of the credit union.